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5 Tiktok Trends to Avoid

I love TikTok as much as the next girl. You can find almost anything on TikTok, from dance videos and singing collabs to makeup tips and time warps. Some of these hacks are harmless (and actually very helpful) but there are many that are not.  

Truth be told, skin experts would advise against them entirely. "The problem with a lot of these DIYs is that they can cause irritation or injury to your skin,” warns Dr. Stacy Chimento, a board-certified dermatologist at Riverchase Dermatology in Florida. Say a hard NO to these TikTok Skincare Trends Ladies


Wait. What? This one’s an obvious no. Don’t do it. Just don’t do it. Hey you! Step. Away. From. The. Glue. 

The glue is meant to act as a pore strip, drying to the area and peeling off, supposedly taking some dirt with it. Thing is, there are ingredients in glue that may cause an allergic skin reaction. It may also clog your pores causing more blackheads.

Glue to Remove Blackheads Credit: @prettywithlee


Wow. Let's not lose our minds now Lovelies.  Essentially, the "hack" is to apply sunscreen to only the high points of your face, avoiding the cheekbones and sides of your nose, so that you get a natural contour after sitting in the sun for ages.

Two Words. Skin Cancer. Enough said.

Please don’t do this. But… let’s say... one was unfortunate enough to give this a go, what now? Asking for a friend. Fret not, we got you, our star performer, Silki Rosehip Oil will help with sun damage and help heal and regenerate your skin beautifully. 

If you want that contoured look, the best and safest thing to do is grab your favourite bronzer. Contour with makeup, and protect your whole face from damaging UV rays with sunscreen, no excuses. Slap it on.

Sunscreen Contouring Credit: @rtebowling


Okay, okay, I’ve been guilty of this one too. To be honest there’s nothing wrong or damaging about slapping oats on your face, nothing wrong with that at all. But when you substitute oats for baking soda or coffee granules (didn’t your mother teach you not to play with your food), your skin is in for a wild, ill-fated ride. These DIY face scrubs are abrasive, harsh and can cause microtears to your skin. Use Silki's Exfoliating Glove instead. This way you can safely exfoliate while protecting your skin.

Coffee Scrub Credit:@shaizeenb


I know you've seen this one but for those of you who need a quick refresher, Tessica Brown achieved worldwide notoriety for substituting glue for hairspray. Her hair stayed glued in place for a month until she had surgery to fix it. Surgery. Ladies, do your hair a favour and smooth your hair with Silki's Rosehip Oil as an alternative. Didn't know you could apply rosehip oil to your hair as well? Well, now you know. It's great to tame those fly-aways and give you hair a beautiful shine. Thank us later.

Gorilla Glue Hair Credit: @im_d_ollady


Next up, we have... people making their face masks with ginger. Uhm. This is dangerous because it can remove protective oils and leave your skin raw and irritated.  This is bad news. Congratulations. You’ve just annihilated your skin barrier. This equals redness, tightness and even burns if used too often or for too long. Not a good look Lovelies. I’d opt for Silki's Dermablade instead. She’s kinder and gentler on your skin and highly protective of your skin barrier. Give her a try instead.

Ginger Facial TikTok Credit: @deepfriedgumball

Ultimately, hacks can be great – but when it comes to your face, it’s better to stick to gentle ingredients, formulated by those who know skin.

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