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AM and PM Dry and Dehydrated Skincare Starter Set

AM and PM Dry and Dehydrated Skincare Starter Set

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AM and PM Dry and Dehydrated Skincare Starter Sets Start your skincare journey with the Dry and Dehydrated Skin Starter Pack.

This professional set includes a specially formulated hydration facewash, a toner with hyaluronic acid, and a 30SPF sunscreen that doubles as a day moisturiser and Squalane Oil that is used as a night moisturiser.

The products are designed specifically to address issues associated with dry, sensitive, ageing, and dehydrated skin. Get your skin on the right track with this starter pack.


Basic Set 

200ml - Hydrating Foaming Facewash 

170ml - Hydrating Toner 

50ml - 30SPF Sunscreen ( Day Use Only)

30ml Squalane (Night Use Only)



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Customer Reviews

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AM/PM Dry&Dehydrated Starter Set

I am enjoying the starter set so far. Toward the end of my first week of using SILKI, my skin seemed drier than usual but I think that was just my skin getting used to the products, but now that I am in my third week of using SILKI, I am seeing better results. My skin feels softer and also looks brighter. I like the squalane serum; I use it in the evening and one pump is more than enough for me. The sunscreen is lovely and leaves absolutely no white cast. The products have encouraged me to make healthier lifestyle choices because I know the dark circles under my eyes and even my dry skin are caused by my poor sleeping patterns and not because SILKI does not work. My next purchase definitely has to be a moisturiser from SILKI because I would like an extra layer of moisture before I apply the sunscreen. So, I look forward to the rest of my SILKI journey. Many many thanks from a happy customer with now hydrated skin!

Elvonia Jacobs
Happy skin

Morning my skin feel amazing. After the first use I could feel the difference. I just love it. Thanx Silki.

Meagon Heyns

AM and PM Dry and Dehydrated Skincare Starter Set

Vanessa Collair

AM and PM Dry and Dehydrated Skincare Starter Set

A Game-Changer for My Skin: SILKI Skincare Delivers Radiance!

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the SILKI skincare range, and I am absolutely thrilled to share my experience with you. SILKI has truly transformed my skincare routine, leaving my skin healthier and more radiant than ever before.

From the moment I started using SILKI products, I noticed a significant improvement in the texture and appearance of my skin. My complexion has become noticeably brighter and more even, and I've received compliments on my healthy glow. It's safe to say that SILKI has become an integral part of my daily skincare regimen.

But that's not all – I was so impressed with the results that I couldn't resist getting additional products from SILKI for my daughter. After all, great skincare is a gift that keeps on giving, right? She's equally delighted with the range and has also seen remarkable improvements in her skin.

One of the standout features of SILKI is their commitment to using high-quality, natural ingredients. I appreciate knowing that I'm nourishing my skin with products that prioritize health and wellness. Plus, the delightful fragrance of their skincare and hair care products adds an extra layer of indulgence to my daily routine.

Speaking of hair care, I decided to dive into the SILKI hair care range as well. Just like their skincare products, these have exceeded my expectations. My hair feels incredibly soft and manageable, and the products help maintain a healthy shine. I love how SILKI offers a complete head-to-toe experience, allowing me to pamper myself from every angle.

To top it all off, SILKI offers a range of accessories that complement their skincare and hair care products perfectly.

In conclusion, I can't recommend the SILKI skincare range highly enough. It has truly transformed my skin, leaving it healthy, glowing, and radiant. If you're looking for skincare that delivers exceptional results and a touch of luxury to your daily routine, give SILKI a try. It's more than just skincare; it's a full-blown experience that you and your skin will fall in love with.