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Nikita Thiart
Rosehip oil recommended

I like the rosehip oil!
I have very sensitive skin, eczema and acne at the moment.
It does not burn my skin or clog pores. My skin soaks it up super well.
I suggest using a moisturizer with it as it does regulate sebum/ oil production..
So your face might be a little sensitive the next morning and slightly dry.

I do recommend it !! Just take it easy in the beginning👏

Joy-Mari Buys
Great for soft skin

I love how this oil makes my skin feel. I have a rather oily complexion and am hesitant to use just any moisturizing serum, but this oil is magic!

Phindiwe Sindwa
Silki Rosehip oil

Working wonders with my skin.
Happy I bought it

Tara Patel
Rose oil

Great and very soothing. Definitely better in hydrating my skin compare to other oils I've used.

Janine Forbes
Needed to be convinced

I must be honest, I was skeptical. I was watching Mina of Kheper explain about her winter skin and her skin just looked great. I needed something for my winter combination sensitive skin. I didn't need any new break outs or skin problems on top of winter dry skin. I took a chance.
1st time I used it, I thought it's too oily I can't use this, it's gonna block my pores then I'm back to square one and I have wasted my money. But to my surprise, that didn't happen. My face was Rejoicing that I took the time to take care of it. It soaked up the golden oil, a little goes a long way,and I had a smooth glow. There was no harsh reaction to this product. But I am only at the beginning of this journey between myself and this beautiful golden oil of Rosehip oil. I didn't receive new breakout, just my skin absorbing the goodness and resetting itself. I'm learning to put me first and not rush everything, take the time. I'm learning to appreciate my God given beauty and not take anything away but just love me, cause I'm worth it. So yes, needed some convincing, I am only at the beginning stage but I am loving it so far. Thank you